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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Monitoring and Learning System for the EUTF Sahel and Lake Chad

The EU Trust Fund (EUTF) Sahel and Lake Chad (SLC) Monitoring and Learning System (MLS) was initiated in October 2018, building on the experience gained with the EUTF Horn of Africa MLS (initiated in July 2017).

The overall objective of the MLS is to use an evidence-based approach for programming and implementation in the Sahel & Lake Chad region, to better inform policy around the themes of the EUTF in the region, and measure the performance of the EUTF portfolio against its overarching objectives and principles.

The approach detailed below presents the specific activities to be undertaken by the MLS over the next 3 years:


The activities of the MLS will be closely coordinated with other layers of Monitoring & Evaluation already put in place by the implementing partners of the EUTF SLC, as well as external evaluations planned along the life of the different programs.

Work in progress:

In its preliminary phase (Q4 2018 and Q1 2019), the MLS priority was to conduct a full review of all programme frameworks and indicators in place around the region, and to create linkages between the numerous programme activities implemented on the ground and the common output indicators developed across the three windows of the EUTF. In the following months the MLS team has consolidated the working arrangements and enlarged the scope to all the countries covered by the SLC window. An annual report is in the pipeline to present results at the end of 2019.

Contact: Eric Davin – edavinataltaiconsulting [dot] com (edavin[at]altaiconsulting[dot]com)