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News article21 July 20222 min read

EU supports more than two million Sudanese people to face nutrition crisis

Signing of the New Emergency Safety Net Project_July22

Brussels, Belgium – 21 July 2022: With rising international food prices caused by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and a poor harvest, the Sudanese people are facing deepening food insecurity and humanitarian risks. The EU, alongside its international partners have been working together with the World Bank to find a way to meet their urgent needs. More than two million Sudanese people face severe food insecurity and the support will contribute to address the dire situation.

The World Bank has signed an agreement with the World Food Programme (WFP) for a new Sudan Emergency Safety Nets Project, with a US$ 100 million financial contribution. The project is funded through the Sudan Transition and Recovery Support Trust Fund (STARS) to which the EU is a major donor (€182.9 million of which €93 million from the EU Trust Fund).

The project will scale up the food security response in direct support to the most vulnerable people in Sudan. Priority will be given to women, children, elders, and those with disabilities. Support will be provided primarily through cash transfers.

Jutta Urpilainen, Commissioner for International Partnerships, said: “Today the international community is sending a clear message to the Sudanese people: we continue to stand by you in this critical time and to address the acute food insecurity in the country. The European Union continues leading in support of vulnerable populations, in Sudan and elsewhere, to face the disastrous consequences of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and to keep track of the global sustainable development agenda.

The STARS Trust Fund was initially established to fund the Family Support Programme. Following political developments in the country in October 2021, disbursements to the Government of Sudan have been paused as of 25 October 2021. At the same time, the EU has been a strong advocate of finding a solution to allow funding to directly reach the Sudanese people to address the growing food insecurity and humanitarian risks in the country. The funds will be channelled solely through the World Food Programme (WFP).

In order to reach the Sudanese people directly, where possible, mobile payments will be made to beneficiaries. Specific measures will be taken to reach remote populations without access to internet. Where beneficiaries cannot buy sufficient food in local markets, they will receive direct food assistance instead of cash.


The Sudan Transition and Recovery Support Trust Fund (STARS) is an umbrella coordination platform for World Bank engagement in Sudan, supporting Sudan’s economic and peacebuilding transition. STARS operates thanks to the generous financial contributions from the European Union, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Italy, Finland, Spain, Ireland, and the State and Peacebuilding Fund.

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21 July 2022
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  • Horn of Africa
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