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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
News article10 May 20211 min read

EUTF improves food security for migrants affected by COVID-19 in Libya


The European Union (EU), International Organization for Migration (IOM) and World Food Programme (WFP) have partnered together under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to help improve food security for migrants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya.

Mobile teams started the distribution of ready-to-eat kits to vulnerable migrants in Zwara, Bani Waleed and Sabha, and will expand the distribution to Benghazi, Ghat, Tripoli and Qatroun in the upcoming weeks.

Tailored to meet the needs and tastes of affected people, the ready-to-eat kits include canned beans, canned tuna, halawa and date bars.


Libya is the biggest beneficiary country of the EUTF, with a total allocation of EUR 455 million. More than 50% of these funds are allocated to the protection of the most vulnerable, including health and COVID-19 specific actions. One third is allocated to support the stabilisation of the municipalities along the migratory routes. Remaining funds go to actions strengthening search and rescue and the fight against smuggling and trafficking networks.

In Libya, EUTF Africa funds supported the fragile public health system before the pandemic. From the start of the crisis, existing EUTF NOA Libya actions were reallocated to fund fumigation and sterilisation campaigns in detention centres, disembarkation points and urban areas. Awareness campaigns have been conducted to prevent the spread of the virus among vulnerable groups, essential personal protective equipment is distributed and training provided to medical staff.
A new €20 million COVID-19 programme has also been adopted for Libya to strengthen immediate response to the virus, including personal protective equipment and training for health staff; the strengthening of laboratory capacities and intensive care response. It will also reinforce the health system and services in the country in the medium term.


Publication date
10 May 2021
Region and Country
  • Libya
  • Improved governance and conflict prevention

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