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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
News article18 April 20181 min read

Providing opportunities and inspiring young people in Coastal and Northern Kenya.

Maja Ali's capentry workshop - @Aga Khan Foundation
Maja Ali's capentry workshop - @Aga Khan Foundation

“If I hadn’t joined a youth group, I myself may have joined al-Shabaab,” explained Noor Dahir, the charismatic Director of a Lamu Island-based youth group Kiunga Youth Bunge Initiative.

Lamu Island, known for its pristine beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and UNESCO world heritage town has until recently been spared much of the instability that has affected mainland Kenya. However, rapid social and economic shifts and an insurgency along the border with neighbouring Somalia are spilling over and impacting the region. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the negative and destructive influences that have become a serious threat to regional security.

In response to these challenges, the EU is supporting the Aga Khan Foundation, Islamic Relief Kenya and the newly established National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya to tackle the complex array of problems faced by youth in Lamu, Garrissa and Mandera counties.

Recognising the need for education and training, the project allows leading youth organisations and schools to provide the skills that young people need to take advantage of job opportunities. Implementing partners also work closely with local businesses to ensure youth are job-ready, with local government to make sure youth are aware of the entitlements available to them and are closely associated to the project "Conflict prevention, peace and economic opportunities for the youth"financed by the EU Trust Fund for Africa.

Over three years, the goal of this initiative is to provide opportunities for 16,000 vulnerable young men and women aged 15 – 35, that will further support 25,000 members of families and the wider community.

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Publication date
18 April 2018
Region and Country
  • Kenya
  • Greater economic and employment opportunities

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