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News article22 December 20201 min read

Rehabilitating hospitals and medical facilities in Libya


The EU-UNDP partnership towards advancing peace, security, human rights and development in Libya has made possible that today 4.7 million people in 29 municipalities across the country have better access to health, education, infrastructure and public services. This partnership has improved municipal and water and sanitation services for over 2 million people. The 16 hospitals and medical facilities rehabilitated, and the equipment provided, including seven ambulances, is giving access to improved healthcare to 3.5 million people in the East, West, and South of Libya.

Most hospitals and medical facilities in war-torn Libya have not been functioning on their full potential since the beginning of the conflict. Today, the medical facilities rehabilitated by UNDP with the support of the EU, serve as main healthcare service points in the cities and their neighboring villages, providing medical care to 800,000 people. The EU-UNDP partnership has made possible the rehabilitation of health centers in Benghazi, Kufra, Sabratha, Sebha, Murzuq, Ghat and Thala.

Ambulances delivered by UNDP with EU’s support provide transportation to people that could be potentially affected by COVID-19 in Hay Al Andalus and Murzuq. The two ICU ambulances provided in AlKufra are allocated for emergencies during curfew hours to transport patients. In Murzuq, medical personnel are able to preserve drugs and medicine thanks to the generator provided to the main hospital last summer. While in Adjabiya, the repaired CT scan machine at Almgarife Central Hospital is the only operational CT machine in the city and can be used to assist in treatment.


Publication date
22 December 2020
Region and Country
  • Libya
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