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News article10 December 20191 min read

Rehabilitation of The Teacher Garden, key centerpiece of the community in Benghazi in Libya

Teacher Garden Benghazi, IOM

The Teacher Garden in Benghazi is one of the oldest and most famous public garden in Al Blad neighborhood, located in downtown Benghazi. It occupies a total area of 7,100 square meters and surrounded by four schools, making it the center piece of the community. The Teacher Garden has been a part of the Al Blad neighborhood since the 1960’s.
In October 2014, the conflict in Benghazi started and residents fled the area to escape the heavy fighting. The garden was therefore destroyed and even became a military observation site for the Libyan National Army. After the war in Benghazi ended, IDPs returned to their homes and the garden was neglected and could no longer provide a haven for children to play.
Upon the request of civil society organizations, IOM through the EUTF-funded Community Stabilization Project, and with support from Benghazi Municipality, completed the rehabilitation works, revitalizing a once war-ravaged area.
Dr. Haniea Algomaty, the Head of Ayadina Association and member of the Teacher Garden Oversight Committee underscored that the garden has made a huge positive impact on the community. Dr Algomaty relayed the story of a former resident who returned home after the war. When he returned back to the neighborhood with his kids, he found that the garden was completely destroyed, and his children had nowhere to play.
He expressed his gratitude for the rehabilitation of the garden as his children and all the children in the community now have a safe place to play and community members have regained a key centerpiece of their community.


Publication date
10 December 2019
Region and Country
  • Libya
  • Improved migration management

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