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IGAD Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa Region (IPPSHAR)

The intervention logic of the project is based on the assumption that peace and stability can be achieved in the region by enhancing the capacity of existing programmes, systems, and institutions, and using them more effectively. Early warning and early response systems will be improved, so that governments can act quickly on information provided in a manner that will help to prevent or resolve conflicts; national governments will have a greater awareness and understanding of security issues, so that they are better equipped to tackle transnational threats more effectively; and those working on conflict resolution and mediation will become more skilled and more professional, and therefore better able to conclude agreements. Overall, improvements in these three key components of peace building will lead to a more peaceful and stable region.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to achieving sustainable peace, security and stability for the attainment of economic integration and development of the IGAD region. To implement it, the IGAD Secretariat, and in particular its Peace & Security Division, is the main responsible body together with national governments of the region.

Main objectives

The following three thematic objectives and one implementation effectiveness objective are identified to achieve the broader goal of peace and stability in the region:
I. To enhance the IGAD Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN) systems, so that there is an improvement in the quantity and quality of the information collected, in data analysis and quick early response action;
II. To enable IGAD and national governments of the region to predict, prevent, and counter transnational security threats;
III. To enhance the capacity of IGAD and national governments of the region for preventive diplomacy, mediation and peace-building;
IV To enhance the effectiveness of IGAD's Peace & Security Division.


EUR 2 752 000

Supporting the IGAD Secretariat in the area of Peace and Security - Phase II

Intergovernmental Authority on Development

EUR 5 000 000

Supporting the IGAD Secretariat in the area of Peace and Security

Austrian Development Agency

EUR 28 392 000

IGAD Promoting Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa region (IPPSHAR)

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
Region and Country
  • Horn of Africa
  • Regional Horn of Africa
  • Improved governance and conflict prevention
  • Austrian Development Agency
  • Intergovernmental Authority on Development

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