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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Mitigate the effect of El Niño for the host and IDP population in Red Sea, White Nile and North Darfur, Sudan

To contribute to addressing the adverse effects of el Nino on the resilience of already vulnerable regions and communities, and reduce the effects of forced displacement and irregular migration in the region.

Main objectives

to strengthen sustainable and alternative livelihoods of local communities, displaced populations and potential migrants in North Darfur, Red Sea and White Nile, in order to avoid a deterioration of the food security and economic situation which would fuel more human displacement. It will do so by mitigating the short-term effects of el Niño on water access and availability as well as on the agricultural and livestock production, and by setting the basis and strengthening the capacity of local communities for service delivery and conflict resolution.



EUR 2 000 000

Mitigate the effect of El Nino for host and IDP Population in Red Sea State to prevent more migration movement


EUR 3 000 000

Mitigate the effect of El Nino in White Nile State

COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale

EUR 2 830 000

Mitigate the effect of El Nino in North Darfur State

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
Region and Country
  • Horn of Africa
  • Greater economic and employment opportunities
  • Strengthening resilience of communities
  • ADRA
  • COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale
  • Welthungerhilfe

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