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Artículo30 de octubre de 2018

Tafari gets a push out of poverty by benefiting from multiple trainings and funding, his community bears the fruits


Tafari Zewde's farm is regularly visited by other farmers to whom he teaches agricultural methods, such as compost use or irrigation. He is a farmer and father of six from Galcha Suke village, Ethiopia, who has received training, livestock and machinery through the REAL projects. This multiple support approach is not only taking Tafari's family out of poverty, it is also meant to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

REAL projects set an emphasis on complementary actions. For example, families that receive improved vegetable seeds are also provided with relevant training, fertilizer and cooking classes to make the most of the nutritional value of their meals. The main aim of this approach is that it has real impact on nutrition in the family.

In the case of Tafari, after he dug a well, the REAL project linked him to microfinance loans that helped finance an irrigation machine. Although the machine was partially financed by the REAL project, Tafari will still be paying for his loan and possibly taking on other loans after the project is finished. Tafari's improved life does hence not depend on the length of the project, but is sustainable in the long run. He is now the first farmer selling vegetables to his village, a much-needed food supply in Galcha Sucke. His wife has attended a nutrition training where she learned how to cook these vegetables to maximise nutritional value.

Tafari also provides other services to his neighbours. This approach is common within the REAL projects. He received a bull from an improved breed with which he has to inseminate up-to one hundred cows from the village. After that, the bull is his to keep. However, Tafari is determined to go above and beyond to further help his community and has decided to continue inseminating cows for as long as other farmers need it.


The story of Tafari Zewde illustrates how the REAL project is creating synergies at the farmer-level and how multiple interventions on one household have a positive impact not only on this household but on the entire community.

REAL Project is a part of Resilience Building and Creation of Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia (RESET II), a programme that address the root causes of displacement and irregular migration through the creation of economic opportunities and the strengthening of the resilience capacity of the most vulnerable communities.


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30 de octubre de 2018
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