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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
Новинарска статия24 Юни 2020 г.

Team Europe supports Sudan throughout COVID-19 pandemic with €11.5 million programme and humanitarian air bridge

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Today, the EU is announcing the signature of a €11.5 million programme with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Sudan. It is financed through the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (€10 million) and DG ECHO (€1.5 million), and will address critical needs in health governance, epidemiological surveillance, epidemic preparedness and response in the current coronavirus pandemic.

The programme will also contribute to strengthening the health systems and health security in Sudan, focusing especially on forcibly displaced people and vulnerable host communities. An important aspect of this programme is that it takes a step from humanitarian aid addressing the current pandemic to development aid focusing on strengthening the health system and capacities to implement the 2005 International Health Regulations.

This programme was announced on the occasion of the second EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flight to Sudan, which brought 100 tonnes of humanitarian cargo to the country today. These flights are helping humanitarian workers and supplies reach people in need and supporting the coronavirus response in the country. Both programmes are part of the EU’s Global Response to the coronavirus pandemic. The total Team Europe global response package stands at almost €36 billion, of which €6 billion is supporting countries in Africa.


Sudan has one the world’s largest humanitarian crises with around 9 million people assessed to be in need of humanitarian assistance. Despite the positive political transition process, the country continues to grapple with multiple challenges including a dire economic crisis. On top of this the desert locust outbreak is further staining food resources, while the coronavirus pandemic adds to the pressures on the country’s beleaguered health system.

To lend a hand to Sudan’s economic and democratic transition, besides the country’s own efforts at putting in place much needed reforms, further international support remains paramount. The objective of the High-Level Sudan Partnership Conference to be held on 25 June 2020 is precisely to muster this support. During this virtual event co-hosted by Germany, the EU, the United Nations and Sudan, international partners will showcase both their political support as well as pledge further financial assistance in support of Sudan’s transition.

EU development aid in Sudan

Since 2016, the EU has supported the Sudanese population and the high number of refugees that the country hosts with development aid reaching up to €242 million, mostly through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. These funds have been used, among others, to promote peace, support women and young people’s economic empowerment, and ensure inclusive and sustainable growth for all.

Since the civilian-led government took office in early September 2019, the EU has provided €88 million in development assistance to support political and economic reforms and contribute to stability and peace in Sudan. Sudan also benefits from additional funding under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa through several regional programmes.


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24 Юни 2020 г.
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