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Border Management Programme for the Maghreb region (BMP-Maghreb)

Border Management Programme for the Maghreb region (BMP-Maghreb)

The BMP Maghreb programme aims is to mitigate vulnerabilities arising from irregular migration and to combat irregular migration. The action aims to do so by enhancing the institutional framework of Morocco and Tunisia to protect, monitor and manage the borders, in line with internationals standards and human rights that identifies and mitigates risks to rights holders at borders, while ensuring the free movement of bona fide travellers and goods.

Main objectives

The BMP Maghreb programme particularly focuses on providing support to the strengthening of border management capacities of Maghreb countries. The programme targets national border agencies of Maghreb countries or any related institutions that are in the front-line in the management of borders, irregular migration and the protection of migrants in vulnerable situations. It will provide support to strategic development, purchase and maintenance of priority equipment, capacity building and development of necessary standards and procedures at national level, in line with international standards and human rights and rights-based approach.


Italian Ministry of Interior

EUR 65 000 000

Border Management Programme for the Maghreb region (BMP-Maghreb) - Phase I and II

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
Region and Country
  • North of Africa
  • Regional North of Africa
  • Improved migration management

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