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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
News article12 April 2021

The 3rd monitoring report for the EUTF North of Africa region is published!


In 2018, the Commission identified the need to monitor EUTF implementation and progress on objectives across all three EUTF windows: the Horn of Africa, the Sahel and Lake Chad region, and the targeted parts of the North of Africa. Since each window has its own distinct MLS, the European Commission established a set of 41 common output indicators (COIs) that would allow it to monitor and demonstrate progress at the EU Level. On the basis of these 41 common output indicators, this 3rd report involves data received from implementing partners between the start of December 2019 and the end of April 2020.

The report highlights the flexibility of the EUTF as a funding mechanism that has allowed to deploy funds rapidly in response to the start of COVID-19 pandemic and its
consequences. The ability of EUTF and its EUTF NOA implementing partners staff to recalibrate their activities to the needs of the moment has enhanced the resilience of EUTF programme investments across the NOA region.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown that increased coordination and cooperation among different actors in the field (government institutions, CSOs, international organisations) is key to improving the assistance provided to vulnerable populations such as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Finally, the largest number of projects in the EUTF NOA portfolio are engaged in activities related to Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance, under Strategic Objective 3. Strengthen resilience and protection of those in need. Some 40 per cent of EUTF NOA projects are aligned with and aim to contribute STO 3, an increase over
the previous reporting period. Two-thirds of these projects are being implemented in Libya, whose share in the overall portfolio (41 per cent of the EUTF NOA projects contracted) also reflects the prevalence of StO 3-aligned actions.

Have a look at the full Report here.


Publication date
12 April 2021
Region and Country
North of Africa
Improved migration management

Programmes in the region