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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

CRRF: Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility

This project aims to help counties in the Horn of Africa address the dual challenge of the rising number of displaced people being hosted in urban areas (urban displacement) and wider urbanisation. It will focus on regional dialogue and fostering peer networks and knowledge exchange on the challenges and opportunities relating to urban displacement in the context of urbanisation. As part of this project, two pilot actions will provide direct support to urban areas, with severely stressed or pre-existing low coverage of basic services and a high concentration of refugees.

Main objectives

The overall objective is to increase the safety and well-being of displaced populations and their host communities living in urban or peri-urban settings and reduce inequalities between these groups.

The specific objectives are

1. Strengthened inclusion and participation of displaced persons in the economic and social life in urban settings across the region.
2. Improved livelihoods and greater access to quality basic services for refugees and host population in selected urban settings.


EUR 2 799 957

_Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility in the Municipality of Koboko

International Rescue Committee

EUR 8 200 000

Promoting Inclusive Urban Development in Assosa town, Ethiopia

EUR 600 000

CRRF: Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility - Regional Network and Dialogue

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
Region and Country
  • Horn of Africa
  • Regional Horn of Africa

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