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News article22 December 20211 min read

Arzouma’s successful return story

EU IOM JI Arzouma's story
IOM / Alexander Bee

Arzouma returned from Algeria four years ago. His return was difficult: when he came back with no money in his pocket, family and friends alike turned their backs on him because of his failed attempt to migrate irregularly. He suffered a lot of discrimination and was laughed at by those around him.

The situation began to change when Arzouma set up his own spare parts business with IOM's support. His father, a garage owner, is now a loyal customer. Today, Arzouma owns three stores in Ouagadougou. He has regained the trust of his relatives and is now regularly consulted on family decisions.

Being able to support himself and his granddaughter and to help the two apprentices he trains, is now his greatest pride. More than ever convinced that opportunities can be found in Burkina Faso, he no longer wishes to try the irregular migration adventure again. Now, if he travels, it will be for professional reasons: to pay for spare parts in Nigeria and come and sell them in Burkina Faso, so that his company grows further.


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22 December 2021
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