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News article1 October 2019

Enriched curricula validated in The Gambia to boost job opportunities

Enriched curricula validated in The Gambia to boost job opportunities

The programme Make it in the Gambia, implemented in part by GIZ in partnership with the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) have validated eight enriched skills training curricula in May 2019 at Khamsys in Bijilo. The curricula were developed by a team of 17 TVET and industry experts under the EU funded Make it in the Gambia - Tekki Fii project. 1200 youths across three regions are expected to benefit from this Project in the next three years.

GIZ team leader in The Gambia, Fabio Germano,said at the validation workshop: “We need to lay a strong foundation for trainees to find their way into the labour market. This is why we would like to start with the development of these curricula.”

Mr. Kebba Sillah, training provider representative, explained that “standardized education curricula are the first step towards achieving any educational goal.”

The curricula provide market-oriented skills for unemployed and out-of-school youths. They integrate subjects such as life-skills, career-counselling, entrepreneurship training, technical drawing and applied mathematics, and are all based on case studies inspired by industry.


Publication date
1 October 2019
Region and Country
The Gambia
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