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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
News article17 December 2019

Everyone deserves access to high education

Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery, UNDP

The High Institute for Science and Technology of her city has been severely damaged by the conflict in Libya. The High Institute for Science and Technology, known previously as the High Institute of Comprehensive Careers, has five departments, including Electrical and Electronic technology, Computer technology, Administration and Finance, Chemical technology and Medical professions. 80% of its classes were not suitable for learning.

With the support of the EU Trust Fund for Africa – the rehabilitation of the Institute allowed more than 450 young people to come back to their studies and 115 employees to recuperate their jobs.

“We were very happy to see joyful students after the renovation of the Institute. Actually, we want the school to be a model where we can have students from all surrounding towns and provide them with best facilities,” said Mr. Osama Elfagi, Director of the Institute.

Aseel Abdullah, a student living in Sabratha, said: “I am very happy now that the Institute is rehabilitated because all my colleagues have returned to their classes.”


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17 December 2019
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