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News article17 October 20191 min read

Gambian girls: brave enough to inspire!

Gambian girls: brave enough to inspire!

The EU-funded programme “Make it in the Gambia» aims to improve economic development and future prospects for The Gambia’s youth, including returning or potential migrants by promoting attractive employment and income opportunities. It also supports the Government in its attempt to nurture perception shift for the Gambian population moving away from a ‘future through migration’ to a ‘future in The New Gambia’. A couple of inspiring individuals, supported by the programme, tell their story to demonstrate that indeed, a future is possible in the Gambia!

Fatou Badje, a young entrepreneur from The Gambia, explains how the idea of starting her own activity in the field of solar installations came into her mind: “It started when I was a little girl. I saw a lady climbing on top of these light poles doing her connections. When she came down, she was interviewed by our national TV. I was there watching her, and I got interested. So I had this ambition of becoming like her”.

Fatou decided to study electrical installation at The Gambia Technical Training Institute and completed her specialisation on solar systems. She was able to accomplish her project thanks to the support of the EU funded project “Make it in The Gambia”. She is now independent from her parents and proudly affirms she is able to take care of herself. Her next dream is to become an engineer, and she is just one-step away from turning this into reality.

Awa Bling, a hip hop artist and activist, is supported by the EU-funded Make it in The Gambia Project to support youth in their desire to start-up businesses, create job opportunities and encourage them to believe in themselves.

Encouraging positive thinking, realisation of self-worthiness and the capacity of setting goals for oneself is, for Awa Bling, decisive to refrain young people from taking the Backway (the dangerous route through the desert and Libya trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean).

Her music and her words are now inspire thousands of young people to find self-realisation, happiness and success in their home country.


Publication date
17 October 2019
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  • The Gambia
  • Greater economic and employment opportunities
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  • ITC - International Trade Center
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