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News article6 March 2018

"I see a future where I can keep my children in education."

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"We suffered a lot from the drought in 2015" regrets Worke Abera, from Sekota in Ethiopia. In 2015, a severe drought hit Wag Himra zone in Amhara region. With four children to feed, Worke was part of the government's Productive Safety Net Programme. "We used to carry whatever we could with us. Not anymore. We just do our best with what we've got and try to survive" recalls Worke.

Her life changed after she received livestock from the EU RESET programme. "I feel nothing but thankful for the project" acknowledges warmly Worke. "It gave me a leg up to overcome my hardship. It provided me more that my own parents could give me. That's why I must thank the project."

The EU RESET programme creates economic opportunities and strengthens the resilience of the most vulnerable. "I can get by selling what my cows produce. Previously my kids were thin and frail, but today they are happy and well-fed." explains Worke. "When we are sick, we can get a car easily. Since the roads are cleared we can travel from our homes to give birth in Sekota.

More than two million of men and women in Ethiopia have become more resilient to drought through the EU support. "I see a future where I can keep my children in education" concludes Worke.

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6 March 2018
Greater economic and employment opportunities
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