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News article6 April 20181 min read

New research on rural migration to secondary cities in Africa


Why drives rural to urban migration? How attractive are secondary cities compared to capitals? Why are people moving? Do they intend to move further? What are the social-political-economic impacts of their arrival in secondary cities?
These are the questions to which the research on rural to urban migration in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda aims to respond to.

"The Lure of the City – Syntehsis report" and the three secondary cities' reports in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, Eldoret, Kenya, and Gulu, Uganda are available on the Research and Evidence Facility website of the EUTF Horn of Africa.

The study looked at the drivers of migration to cities, the experiences of those who have moved, the question of whether they have continued to maintain ties to rural areas, and the challenges faced by municipal and other government departments in responding to the increases in the numbers of urban residents.


Publication date
6 April 2018
Region and Country
  • Uganda
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Improved migration management

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