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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
News article22 December 2020

Promoting Green Business and Environment Entrepreneurship for migrants and Egyptians


The Regional Development and Protection programme, funded by the EUTF and implemented by IOM, promotes Green Business and Environment Entrepreneurship for migrants and Egyptians.

Cooperating with Youthink Green, “Green Footprint – Khatwa Khadra” project aimed to promote green businesses and environmental entrepreneurship among migrants and Egyptians alike, through training and awareness raising on the principles of environmental entrepreneurship. More than 36,000 individuals were reached through awareness raising activities on environmental entrepreneurship. Following entrepreneurship workshops for 161 beneficiaries (46% males and 54% females), 59 of them formed 19 start-ups that participated in the incubation phase, and received prototype funding from YTG and mentorship (legal, finance, project management, etc.) Twelve out of the 19 start-ups also pitched their ideas to the Government, private sector companies and Incubation hubs (AUC Venture Lab).

You can watch here a video on the project:


Publication date
22 December 2020
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Improved migration management

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