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News article24 May 2018

Reconciling youth groups through soccer

@Red Cross
@Red Cross

“My friends and I were so excited [to have the opportunity to participate in a soccer match] and we felt really nice because it makes us feel like we were an important part of the society,” says Mudhir Adnan, Coach, Zaragoza Youth Football Club, Kilifi County, Kenya. “We had the dialogue at the Red Cross offices after the match and it was very exciting and important to have law enforcement officers present at the dialogue. At least we all had a chance to discuss issues freely and make peace and, in one way or another, it helped in creating an understanding and, had we not gotten this opportunity, then the bad blood between security officers (police) and youth would never come to an end. That would not be good at all so bringing us together was a great idea.”

A football match was organised under the project "Conflict Prevention, Peace and Economic activities for youth" with the aim of improving relations between Majengo and Shella youth groups in Malinbi, Kilifi County, Kenya. This follows reports of rivalries between those groups with retaliatory attacks. After the match, a gala was organised to engage the youth and security forces to improve the relationship between those actors.

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24 May 2018
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