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News article25 September 2018

Staying clear of violence and extremism: Watch how youth from Kampala slums raises awareness through dance, music and drama

Students perform cultural dances during the competition at the national theater.

Fourteen schools from slums of Kampala performed dance, drama and music acts at a festival held at Uganda's National theatre, to tell youth to “beera clear”, loosely meaning ‘stay clear’, of violence and extremism. Theatre Factory, a theater and film company from Uganda, organized the festival and trained the youngsters to use music, dance and drama to raise awareness. Fifty youngsters that are currently not enrolled in school also participated.

In order to encourage youngsters to join the auditions, Theatre Factory used posters, community radio announcements, and reached out to youngsters through community meetings and youth leaders.

The first training provided was a training-of-trainers, incentivizing and providing tools for participants to share their skills with further members of their community.

The winners of the festival were awarded information and communications technologies (ICT) equipment, such as computers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and printers; local musical instruments, and trophies with key messages on prevention of violent extremism.

HoA-UG-kampala slums


Strengthening Social Cohesion and Stability in Slum Populations (SSCoS) is a project funded by the European Union (EU) Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF). SSCoS is implemented by the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) and its partners in four slum areas of Kampala.

Among other approaches, the SSCoS project is using music, dance and drama to help vulnerable youths increase their capacity and resilience to resist radicalization and prevent violent extremism.


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25 September 2018
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