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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

ARCHIPELAGO: an African-European TVET initiative

SAH-REG-15 Archipelago - Project in horticulture in Ghana

Main objectives

The overall objective of the action is to better match the offer of labour (skills available on the labour market) to the demand of labour (generated by the local private sector and productive economic growth).
The specific objectives of the action are:

  • To increase and upgrade local employment opportunities through the strengthening of the entrepreneurial skills, SMEs and future start-ups employment creation;
  • To develop local training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to private sector needs to strengthen youth employability.

ARCHIPELAGO is an inclusive economic development programme addressing youth and vulnerable groups' employability through increasing their professional skills as well as enhancing employment opportunities.

Specifically, Archipelago will increase local employment opportunities and employability by developing local training and vocational resources adapted to private sector needs.

The principle approach of the suggested action is the implementation of targeted partnership projects between European and African Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) with the objective to provide labour market relevant TVET training. In order to increase the employability of the young people it is imperative to have a fully private sector driven approach to TVET for the Youth. These TVET partnership projects will be competitively selected through calls for proposals and they need to include an analytical phase in order to identify the sectors with growth potential, which are also relevant for their members.

Locations: Camerron; Chad; Ivory Coast; Ghana, Mali; Mauritania; Niger; Senegal.

This video presents the ARCHIPELAGO Programme and partnerships projects activities in the Sahel and Lake Chad region.


SEQUA gGmbH Partner of German Business

EUR 15 000 000

Archipelago: an African-European TVET initiative

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(426.09 KB - PDF)

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