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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Building Resilience to Impacts of El Niño through Integrated Complementary Actions to the EU Resilience Building Programme in Ethiopia (RESET Plus)

To contribute to addressing the adverse effects of 'El Niño' on the resilience of already vulnerable regions and communities, and reduce the effects of forced displacement and irregular migration in the region.

In December 2021, this action received a €5 million top-up in support of a second phase of one its four projects, namely ''Family Planning for Resilience Building amongst youth and women in drought prone and chronically food insecure regions of Ethiopia''. The implementation period of the RESET Plus programme was also extended by 36 months.

Main objectives

To address the structural and systemic root causes of vulnerability and chronic food and nutrition insecurity of populations in most vulnerable areas. There will be a specific focus on targeting rural women and youth who are most vulnerable to food and nutrition insecurity in the context of extreme weather events and climate change. Overpopulation being one of the main global factors triggering migration and food insecurity in vulnerable areas, this intervention will also work on improving the awareness of the impacts of demographic pressure and consolidated family planning practices, ensuring a proper linkage between these practices and resilience.



EUR 4 854 149

Improving access to safely managed water supply in the resilience building program for Ethiopia (RESET II)

EUR 8 000 000

RESET Plus Innovation Fund

EUR 4 000 000

RESET PLUS Result II Family Planning for Resilience Building amongst youth and women in drought-prone and chronically food insecure regions of Ethiopia

Save the Children

EUR 5 000 000

Youth empowerment for successful transitions to decent work in Amhara and Somali regions of Ethiopia

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
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