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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Common Operational Partnership (COP) Mali

The overall objective (expected impact) of this action is to contribute to the fight against criminal networks involved in irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings in Mali.

The specific objectives (expected outcomes) are the following:

1. Strengthening the capacities, at operational and judicial levels, of the Malian police unit in charge of pursuing and prosecuting criminal networks (notably in the areas of irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings), and in so doing improving border management.
2. Increasing the volume of cases on criminal networks involved in migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings (with specific attention to women victims of trafficking) investigated by the police and improving the corresponding resolution rate, including through regional cooperation with similar police units in the region.

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(679.03 KB - PDF)

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