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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Enhancing security and the rule of law in Somalia

The overall objective of the action is to increase the presence and efficacy of security forces throughout the Federal Member States whilst at the same time connecting this increased law enforcement to a more accessible, reliable and competent justice provision, in order to contribute to fostering a more conducive environment in which Somalia can develop.

In December 2019, a top-up of €5 million was approved which will help to support emerging needs and priorities of the Somali Government related to security sector reform.

Main objectives

The overall objective is to continue building-up a professional, trusted and accessible formal justice and corrections system whilst recognising the role that informal justice mechanisms play in local conflict prevention and resolution.

More specifically the programme will focus on three main pillars: i) learning & development, ii) access to justice and iii) safeguarding the overall rights of detainees.

An additional specific objective will be to ensure that the responsible justice ministries/organs assume greater responsibility and oversight thus creating more accountable and efficient systems governing the judiciary and correctional services.


International Development Law Organisation

EUR 7 000 000

Joint Justice Programme - JJP

EUR 17 000 000

Joint Rule of Law Programme 

Enhancing security and rule of law – UNOPS

EUR 2 699 370

Enhancing security and rule of law

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

EUR 1 000 000

Joint Corrections Programme - JCP

EU Delegation Somalia

EUR 16 300 000

Somalia UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund

United Nations Development Programme

EUR 7 000 000

Joint Rule of Law Programme in Somaliland

United Nations Development Programme

EUR 4 300 000

Joint Security Sector Governance programme - JSSGP

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(508.79 KB - PDF)

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