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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Enhancing state and community level conflict management capability in North Eastern Nigeria

The overall objective of this programme will be to build conflict management capacities at State and community level in order to combat radicalism and stop conflict from escalating into violence. More specifically, the project will focus on: strengthening conflict management mechanisms at community level; promoting reconciliation and stability; supporting women's participation in the peace-building process and taking into account the impact of violence against women and young girls.

Main objectives

Overall objective:
Enhance state and community level conflict management capability to prevent the escalation of conflict into violence in a number of locations in North-Eastern Nigeria.

Specific objectives:
- OS.1 - To strengthen community level conflict management mechanisms at the interface between state and society
- OS.2 - To enhance reconciliation and stability within communities, in particular those affected by displacement.
- OS.3 - To both support the involvement of women in peace-building and address the impact of violence on women and girls
- OS.4 - To enhance the reintegration of young men and women (affected by and involved in insurgency and counter-insurgency operations).
- OS.5 - To influence key decision-makers and opinion-formers through targeted research.


British Council

EUR 21 000 000

Enhancing state and community level conflict management capability in North Eastern Nigeria

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(293.76 KB - PDF)

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