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IMPROVE-EU Integrated Measures to promote rural-urban value addition and Employment – East Sudan

The action will address 1,600 farmer households; in addition, around 30 high potential small and medium local enterprises working in the selected value chains will be engaged in project activities. The project will build on the private sector already engaged in the EU funded Sudan Food Security Programme (SFSP), and will be also extended to other companies operating in the sectors of processing and marketing. The number of indirect beneficiaries will be approximately 10,000 (based on an average size of seven people living in a household). Additionally, it is expected that 1,500 people will be recruited as labourers due to intensification of the agricultural production and 500 by processing and marketing companies.
The intervention logic is that increased income for refugees, migrant workers and rural host communities will contribute to improved livelihoods and may reduce the incentives for further migration movements. The increased income is to be generated through integrated interventions in agriculture and livestock based on the value chain approach combined with the diversification of production and climate smart agricultural actions (such as improved water management and erosion control).

Main objectives

The overall objective is to contribute to improved livelihoods of refugees, migrant workers and host communities in Eastern Sudan.
The specific objectives are (1) to increase farmers' incomes; (2) to provide viable solutions to adapt farming systems to markets and to climate variability; (3) to provide farmers with new techniques to increase their production.



EUR 8 000 000

Integrated Measures to promote rural-urban value addition and Employment (IMPROVE-EU) – East Sudan

Region and Country
Horn of Africa
Greater economic and employment opportunitiesImproved governance and conflict preventionStrengthening resilience of communities

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