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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Inclusive Local and Economic Development - ILED

The overall objective of the "Inclusive Local and Economic Development” programme is to contribute to stability in Somalia by extending state authority and services, promoting local reconciliation and peacebuilding, creating inclusive economic opportunities and protecting the most vulnerable. This will be achieved through a geographic approach to programming, which is able to combine in an integrated way the different instruments (political, security, operation and financial) and sectoral strategies and investments focusing on targeted territories.

In February 2020, additional EUTF contributions of €15.2 million to this action were approved, increasing its overall amount to €98.2 million and extending its implementation period to 72 months.

Main objectives

The overall objective of the Action is to contribute to stability in Somalia by extending state authority and services, promoting local reconciliation and peace-building, creating inclusive economic opportunities, and protecting the most vulnerable.

There are three main components to this action divided in specific objectives (SO):
SO1: Stabilisation and governance. Increase the reach and legitimacy of local and municipal authorities, and their capacities to provide services; promote reconciliation and peace-building, including addressing drivers of conflict; and deliver peace dividends.

SO2: Economic growth. Revitalize and expand the local economy with a focus on livelihood enhancement, job creation and broad-based inclusive growth.

SO3: Social safety nets. Provide safety nets to vulnerable people to contribute to strengthening their recovery and resilience.


Department for International Development (DFID)

EUR 2 000 000

Somali Stability Fund II – part II

Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS)

EUR 12 000 000

Stabilisation and Peace Dividends - Nordic International Support Foundation

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(657.73 KB - PDF)

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