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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

South Sudan Women Empowerment

This project aims to complement the efforts of the EU and its Member States present in South Sudan to implement the Gender Action Plan II (2016-2020). As this is the first EU Action specifically targeting women and girls in South Sudan, particular attention is sought to ensure a coordinated approach and to highlight EU's added value. The target beneficiaries of this Action are women and girls, particularly in rural communities, with a focus on those who are in the most vulnerable situations (women head of household, women and girls with disabilities, displaced women, survivor of sexual violence in conflict, etc.). The intervention logic is that by building and reinforcing capacities of key actors (duty bearers, rights holders, civil society organisations, etc.) for women and girls’ empowerment, the "gender gap" (work towards gender equality) can be narrowed and communities will become more prosperous and peaceful.

Main objectives

The specific objectives are the following:

1. Support the effective implementation and enforcement of all legislation on women's rights, through capacity building of relevant duty-bearers;
2. Promote women’s economic, political and social empowerment at the local level, with a specific attention to those in the most vulnerable situations.



ZOA International

EUR  1 100 000

Defend Her Rights – Championing Women Empowerment in Jonglei, South Sudan


Legal Action Worldwide

EUR  1 081 132

Reducing inequality and gender-based violence in South Sudan


Stichting Dorcas Aid International 

EUR  1 249 977

Pride!: Empowered women



EUR 1 000 000

The future is equal - Empowerment of women in Upper Nile State



EUR 900 000

South Sudan Women Empowerment

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(802.3 KB - PDF)
Region and Country
Horn of Africa
Greater economic and employment opportunitiesImproved governance and conflict preventionStrengthening resilience of communities
CordaidZOA InternationalDorcas Aid InternationalConcern WorldwideLegal Action Worldwide

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