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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Technical Cooperation Facility for Sudan 2018 – 2020

The intervention logic is that by sustaining communication, research, technical assistance and evaluation capacities of the EU Delegation, the latter will be able to design a more coherent approach to the current development, stabilisation and migration challenges of Sudan, addressing its specific needs and providing accurate financial and technical support. Limited support may also be provided on technical issues to Federal and State level governments.

To continue providing technical assistance, a top-up of €800.000 was approved in October 2020.

Main objectives

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to an efficient and effective use of the development funds the EU implements in Sudan, encompassing the migration agenda and traditional development policies. The specific objective is to cover the preparation of activities necessary for the sound implementation of financial resources managed by the European Commission. It also aims to provide complementary support to on-going actions, as well as to support the identification and formulation of new actions of interest for EU engagement in Sudan, including via technical assistance. Moreover, support to International Organisations and relevant entities in all sectors of EU development cooperation may be provided. Finally, the facility might conduct studies and training, organise ad hoc events (with possible participation of Sudanese experts and officials), and will ensure proper communication thereof.


EUR 52 100

Support to the establishment of the European Chamber of Commerce (ECC)

World Health Organization

EUR 1 000 000

Supporting Health Financing Reforms to improve governance of National Health Insurance Fund and extend insurance coverage to poor and refugee population

EUR 350 000

Implementation of Sudan-Europe Creative Connections initiative

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
(382.62 KB - PDF)
Region and Country
Horn of Africa
Greater economic and employment opportunitiesImproved governance and conflict preventionImproved migration managementStrengthening resilience of communities

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