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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

DEV-pillar of the Regional Development and Protection Programme in the North of Africa – Phase III

The Regional Development and Protection Programme (i.e. "RDPP") fully incorporates this reinforced developmental, inclusive and integrated approach to forced displacement. This Action will support the development pillar of the RDPP in the North of Africa, by contributing to the establishment or reinforcement of inclusive services, fostering social cohesion and employment opportunities at community/decentralized levels. The Action concerns all five countries in the North of Africa region: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. For Algeria no concrete activities have been conceived for now. This third phase of the RDPP Development pillar, running in parallel with the second phase (implemented by IOM and Safe the Children) and building on the first phase (implemented by IOM), will exclusively comprise a CSO component, mainly targeting international CSOs who can subcontract local CSOs (while not precluding contracting local CSOs directly, where this may be feasible). Grants will be awarded for the timespan of three consecutive years. Activities will build on the relevant parts of the needs assessment of the first phase of the RDPP development pillar.

Main objectives

The overall objective of this Action is to strengthen resilience of those in need (in line with Priority Action III and Strategic Objective III of the EUTF – NOA: To strengthen protection and resilience of those in need), including migrants, refugees, IDPs, returnees and host communities. This third phase of RDPP will build on the first phase of RDPP (implemented by IOM), and will run in full complementarity with the second phase (implemented by IOM and Safe the Children).

Specific objectives:

- EUTF NOA Specific Objective 3.IV. Self-sufficiency of target groups and host communities is enhanced. Activities linked to this objective should lead to a situation where members of migrant and host communities in the midterm will benefit from greater economic and livelihood opportunities within the local community.
- EU TF NOA Specific Objective 3.V. Access to and quality of services for target groups and host communities is improved. Activities linked to this objective should inform governments, the private sector and local actors on and enable them to adopt good practices regarding service delivery methods that respond to the protection, socioeconomic and labour market inclusion needs of displaced groups.
- EU TF NOA Specific Objective 3.VI. Culture of peace and social cohesion are expanded. Activities linked to this objective should enhance social cohesion and support the establishment of sustainable systems/ programmes to effectively deliver inclusive services and address potential tensions between host and displaced communities.



EUR 2 000 000

Programme d’appui à l’autonomisation et à l’inclusion des populations (PAAIP)

IMPACT Initiatives

EUR 2 000 000

Building Resilience, Inclusion and Social Cohesion in the Fezzan

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

EUR 2 000 000

Promoting Social Cohesion in Libya

Caritas Internationaliss

EUR 1 199 986

Hand by hand towards better future for migrants and host community in Egypt

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
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North of AfricaRegional North of Africa
Improved migration management

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