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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Managing mixed migration flows in Libya through expanding protection space and supporting local socio-economic development

The proposed action responds to the effects of the ongoing instability and difficult socioeconomic conditions of migrants, refugees and host communities in Libya. It aims to respond to current concerns with regards to protection of vulnerable populations in Libya, especially migrants and refugees, through interventions in reception centres at points of disembarkation, in communities, and in migrant detention centres, but also through providing access to voluntary humanitarian return and reintegration as a durable solution.

Main objectives

To better respond to the challenges associated to mixed migration flows to, through and from Libya onwards to the EU, the current action focuses its activities in different locations inside Libya through two different pillars:

The specific objective of the 'Protection' pillar is to: 1) expand the protection space in Libya, with a particular focus on migrants and refugees through both scaling up relevant capacities of national stakeholders and provision of assistance. In particular, the programme aims to improve living conditions in detention centres (in the form of medical assistance, sanitation, etc.), support alternatives to detention, and provide voluntary humanitarian return and reintegration assistance to 15,000 vulnerable migrants stranded in Libya for 2017.

The specific objective of the ‘Local governance and socio-economic development' pillar is to: 2) support socio-economic development at municipal level and local governance, in order to better integrate migrants and stabilize host communities. In particular, it supports the stabilisation of local communities most affected by the migratory flows, via socio-economic development at municipal level, and local governance in order to better integrate migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons as well as foster local cohesion and stability.


United Nations Development Programme

EUR 18 000 000

Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery


EUR 10 000 000

Municipal development in the context of mixed migration

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

EUR 13 000 000

Reinforcing International Protection and Delivery of Assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and vulnerable host communities in Libya


EUR 11 000 000

Resilience building programme for vulnerable children in Libya, including host communities, migrant and refugee children

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
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Region and Country
North of Africa
Improved migration management
United Nations Development ProgrammeUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNICEFInternational Organization for MigrationGIZ

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