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Emergency Trust Fund for Africa

Support to Integrated border and migration management in Libya – First phase

The programme aims to strengthen the capacity of relevant Libyan authorities in the areas of border and migration management, including border control and surveillance, addressing smuggling and trafficking of human beings, search and rescue at sea and in the desert.

Main objectives

The specific objectives of the project are: 1) to enhance operational capacity of the competent Libyan authorities in maritime surveillance, tackling irregular border crossings, including the strengthening of SAR operations and related coast guard tasks; 2) to set up basic facilities in order to enable the Libyan guards to better organise their SAR, border surveillance and control operations; 3) to assist the concerned Libyan authorities in defining and declaring a Libyan SAR Region with adequate SAR Standard Operation Procedures, including finalising the studies for fully fledged operational rooms; and 4) to develop operational capacity of competent Libyan authorities in land border surveillance and control in the desert, focusing on the sections of southern borders most affected by illegal crossings.


Italian Ministry of Interior

EUR 42 223 927

Support to Integrated Border and Migration Management in Libya First Phase

Action Fiche

2 MARCH 2023
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Region and Country
North of Africa
Improved migration management
Italian Ministry of Interior

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